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Vacation Day 5

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Spent most of the day cleaning the apartment. Most of the week was spent organizing but today I did cleaning. Vacuumed the apartment sucking up little dust balls that had accumulated in the corners. Those dust balls are gone now! The apartment stills need to be organized some more but I now have a framework to build on. I’ve paid a large startup cost but the price of maintenance and improvements will be smaller (hopefully!).

I’ve made lots of progress with Haskell. Large parts of the “Gentle Introduction to Haskell” now make sense to me. Infinite Data Structures still throw me for a loop and it’s something I need to revisit.

2 more new recipes under my belt. Marinara sauce and Polenta. That makes it 6 or 7 new recipies I’ve tried depending on the criteria. Polenta with Marinara sauce is really filling. I was going to make Lentil soup for dinner but was still full from the lunch I had. I’ll try to make the Lentil soup with Lamb chops tomorrow. I figure I’ll get to at least 8 new recipes. A little short of my goal of 10 but a good accomplishment for me.