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Not a new blog per se, The blog is in a new location. It’s hosted in the “cloud” with the use of Amazon S3 static website hosting.

Also I’m using Jekyll to render the various pages on the website. WordPress was an option but this is a simpler approach and potentially more fun. The only downside is I have to code features myself.

Here is a nice new feature (that came at almost zero cost): Syntax highlighting!

Some ruby code….

print foo
def foo
    puts 'foo'

Some haskell code….

generating combinations
-- This is a super elegant solution to the question found on the wiki. I got it after
-- tracing through it for awhile. My head hurts.
combinations1 :: Int -> [a] -> [[a]]
combinations1 0 _ = [ [] ]
combinations1 n xs = [ y:ys | y:xs' <- tails xs, ys <- combinations1 (n - 1) xs' ]

All the blog posts were migrated over. Comments didn’t get migrated over. Some images link will be dead going forward. This blog doesn’t have a large audience so it’s not a major concern.