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A Manifesto

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Manifesto - a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives, as one issued by a government, sovereign, or organization. source

Just took a week off to recover from the 2nd marathon but it’s has also been time to reflect and take stock about life and where it’s headed. I’ve needed to write this for awhile but haven’t. Sometimes when you’re in a hole, the answer is not to dig harder or faster but just stop and take a moment to see that you’re in a ditch. The numerous longs runs I’ve taken this last 18 weeks and the solace I’ve found in them has given me time to reflect on things.

Work != Job. I see this more clearly now. For a brief period in the beginning, they overlapped. Lately that’s not been happening. That’s when I began to feel this way. Someone once told me that I needed to take charge of my own career. I haven’t done that. I’ve felt this way for the last couple of years and I should have pulled the plug some time ago. For personal reasons, now is not the time for that. I’m stuck in a quagmire and the exit strategy has to be executed on a precise time line.

I’m happiest when my work allows me to learn new things and improve things. I’m depressed when it involves slinging shit around and trying to make sense of process upon process. I need to break out of this. Hopefully in the coming months, you’ll see these changes emerging.