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No Matter Where You Go, There You Are


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Went old school this weekend setting up the old T41. old school = maximise keyboard usage, minimize mouse usage.  I've been a vim person for a long time and vimperator has been on my todo for awhile. Vimperator is a firefox plugin to use vim key bindings. With my vim background, the experience of navigating the web has been pleasantly surprising. It's amazing how fast I was able to navigate the web with just the keyboard. I didn't run any tests with a stopwatch but it felt faster than just the mouse and keyboard. 

There were some annoyances which I fixed by putting some config into my ~/.vimperatorrc

" disable the annoying audible beeping
set visualbell

" make a disable vimperator for gmail and google reader, activate by doing :disable and :enable. tip was from here
js function disable() { liberator.execute(':set guioptions=Tnbrm showtabline=1'); modes.passAllKeys = true; }
command disable javascript disable()
command enable set guioptions= showtabline=0